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Ruva Nutrition is also pleased to offer restaurant consultation services. Fulfilling customer demands has become a pressure for restaurants. Odul can build your menu and offer more healthy options for everyone. There is also some restriction on nutritional requirements, Odul can arrange catering in dietary restriction (gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetes diet, pregnancy women and vegan diet) for customers’ needs. While Odul is doing these, the food never loses its delicious taste.

The nutritional values and calorie calculation of the meals in the restaurant increase the reliability of the restaurant in the eyes of the customers. Odul will provide this service to restaurants.

Odul is happy to work with establish your menu delightfully. Odul also ensures you to current nutrition/health/ food trends which helps you to impress your customer in many ways.

Following Services;

  • Creative and healthy menu planning to base on your business
  • Menu analysis
  • Food labelling for each food in your business
  • Create new recipes with your crew

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